Hosting Requirements

Apache 2

- The .htaccess files should be enabled.

- mod_rewrite should be available.

- if possible compile Apache 2 and configure it to run in MPM mode workers.

- configure the TCP connection to be kept alive for 15 seconds.


- Apache should be configured to recognize files with extension .php5 as php scripts.

- The following php modules are required: mbstring, mcrypt, mysql, mysqli, zlib


These modules are available for download from


If you are using a dedicated server or VPS and this server is dedicated to run only Promptchat it should be able to handle 500-1000 requests per second. That should be sufficient to handle 2000-3000 simultaneous visitors and around 200 operators.

The number of websites you can host will depend on the load of each web site.

For small business web sites the number is in the range of 150.