Chat Secrets

What is a live chatbox on your website?

You can see the chatbox floating above the right hand side of your webpage(s). Here your website visitors can start talking with you anonymously and without having to sign up to anything. You can either chat with them or if you are not online to take chat requests they can leave you a message.

But if they want, they can just ignore the chatbox.

Operating a live chat system on your website can increase your sales by 50%

Or it can also be a boring and annoying daily duty and on occasions, even scare your visitors away from your site.

What makes the difference?

The power of knowing how to use it!

You may now be thinking: Ok, but how do you know? Aren’t you a bunch of software engineers?

And again, it is a ‘relatively’ new technology, you cannot have decades of experince and you rightly pose the next question; what makes you so much smarter?

Yes, we understand you thinking like that and yes, we also know that live chat is already widely adapted on thousands of websites for customer support purposes.


We have an experienced team of people delivering tips, tricks, case studies and webinars who have spent the past 5+ years working with companies probably not to dissimilar to yours to successfully increase their sales with the use of our live chat software facility. And most importantly, learning how to automate this process to the highest level possible.

Everything that you receive from us, you receive directly from a live chat specialist who spend their days helping companies with the challenges they face with the implementation of live chat in their online sales strategies.

And of course you will see some specific features we developed to make all this possible, some of which you will not find in any other live chat system.

But why would I listen to you and not the other chat companies?

And that’s exactly the point!

Everyone else just wants to sell it to you.

We will show you how to get more clients with it!

We were one of the first who understood this technique and realized that this it the future, being the most effective client communication method in the online business world.

You may think your company is not ready to implement live chat yet and perhaps you are right!

There are two facts;

The Internet is a level playing field. You can become the leader in your industry if you know how to.

There is noone else who will show you how an everyday company can best use Live Chat software to successfully increase sales.

Hi, can I help You?

Do you remember this annoying question from your shopping trips?

Online webshops probably became popular, so that you never have to hear this question again…

What the live chatbox does is that it gives you the ability to start up a conversation with your web visitors the same way as if you had a normal shop. It can even do this semi-automatically. Different chatbox with different greeting text in different areas of your website at different time intervals. You can chat via text or offer a free phone call.

Statistics and a little research will tell you when, where and how it is best to engage your visitors either via live chat or offering a free call.

And of course you will never have a live chat user trying to chat you up with the question; ‘Hi, can I help you?’

Similarly, you will never have a live chat operator initiating a live chat session with you while you are scrolling with your mouse of clicking on various parts of the webpage, as they know when you are performing these actions and do not want to disturb you.

You will also not receive unwanted popup chatboxes appearing out of the blue in your browser, as our live chatbox can be embedded into the actual webpage, so you will be typing right inside the webpage.

As a Live chat administrator you can oversee in real-time what your colleagues are chatting with your web visitors and you can even join their live chat sessions at your own will. You can place your banner ads on your partners’ webpages or portal websites and chat through your banner, so you don’t even need to have traffic on your own website.

There are numerous unique features which make our live chat system by far the most advanced live chat software on the market.

There can be Only One…

One leader / industry.

In a few years time, during your surfing you will find live engagement boxes popping up all over the place. It will be a standard feature of any commercial website.

As is today, you still have the chance to be that single one in a million.

Now You can be the One that is Different, Exciting and Up-To-Date

Just keep reading for a little longer. Do you know the 1st question we normally receive from our prospects?

”How can I know what my website visitors are doing on my website?

I can see in my Google Analytics report that I have many visitors, they come, they browse the pages but majority never signs up or order anything. So I ask, what do they do on the pages and where do they decide to leave?”

With our live chat operator software you can see in real time how long each visitor spends on each page, whether they are clicking on any particular part, when they are scrolling the webpage or just retire from the mouse/keyboard entirely. Having this knowledge can turn your online business around.

Learn the Pitfalls!

By now, you must be excited to test the live chatbox on your website or you are already using it.


If you have any questions about the usability or doubts as to how it can produce results for you, contact us via our live chatbox.

by Martin Wacey, Promptchat UK