Todo bar

Promptchat has an optional ToDo Task Project manager built into the software which you can reveal by clicking the vertical light blue sidebar on the right hand side of the Software User Initerface.

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Promptchat has a simple to use but effective project manager primarily developed for time sensitive collaboration work for teams small and large.

Features of the Prompt Project and todo task manager.

- Create Projects

- Project owner can create multiple Todo Tasks within the Project(s)

- Project owner can designate TodoTasks to the available team members

- Todo task owners can designate tasks to any available team member

- Todo tasks have either “active” or “done” status

- Todo tasks have a title, notes field and option to upload files

- Todo tasks have a “reminder” feature, where each Todo task owner may “remind” the designated team member of the task via a “one click reminder” email notification.

- Calendar shows Todo tasks in green and red colours depending on the status of the tasks. (late Todo tasks are shown in Red colour)

- Full screen or Sidebar view available.



5 elements make up the ToDo bar.

Expand bar

The expand bar is a vertical light blue bar which upon pressing reveals the ToDo Task Manager.


The Calendar will diaplay to do tasks for a specific day in red colour and/or green colour depending on the status of the ToDo Task.

Green colour: Tasks solved

Red colour: Tasks remaining to complete

Show all tasks

You can reveal all the tasks on the interface by checking the "show all tasks" box. This will show all tasks for the selected day in the calendar regadless of who the task is assigned to.

Add todo task

Add a new ToDo Task by clicking the ToDo button.. Upon clicking the ToDo button new window opens asking you for information relating to the task.

Todo task list

List of tasks for the chosen day is shown in this field under the calendar.