Page statistics

The Popular Pages Statistics will provide statistics on how popular the pages of your website(s) are.

Go to Reports in the top menu bar and and pick the Popular pages menu item.

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Find out which of your webpages are most popular using Promptchat's Popular Pages Statistics.

Go to the main menu bar on top, select Reports and from the drop down menu pick Popular Pages. A new window opens with a report on your webpages popularity with a use count next to each of them.



The following elements make up the Popular Pages Statistics;


The grid will show you your webpages one by one with the use count next to each of them in a separate column.

Show button

After you made your date selection, press Show to create your report.

From date picker

Pick the starting date for your report.

To date picker

Set the end date for your report.

Domain combo

Choose the domain on your account for which you wish to creqte the report for.

Note: Should you not choose a domain, the system will use all the domains on the account and give you an accumulated figure.

Close button

Click Close to close this window.