Induced event statistics

Create reports and statistics for your induced events.

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You can easily create reports for your induced events.

Go to the main menu bar on top and select Reports/Induced events. A new window opens where you can see all your induced events and create statistics for a specific time frame. Upon receipt of the report, you will see the Details button - and upon seeing the details you will find out the category of chat sessions happened regarding these induced events. (Sales, Support etc...)



The following elements make up the Induced Events Statistics;


The list of already existing Induced Events on the account will show here.

Show button

After you set the date for which you wish to see reports for, click Show.

Details button

Once you press the detais button a new window opens showing you additional details of the induced events (the chat categories of the induced events and their use count)

From date picker

Pick the start date for the report.

To date picker

Pick the end date for the induced events report.

Close button

Cick Close when you finished working on the Induced Event Statistics.