Server list editor

Access the server list editor by clicking the Management button in the top menu bar per the below screenshot:

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You can access the server list editor screen from the top menu bar by clicking the Management menu item.



The following elements make up the server list editor:

Import (You can import an existing server file (.xml)

Export (You can export your server to a fie which can than be imported in any other chat clients)

Name (The name you choost to give your server)

URL (The URL to the installation of a server)

Add (Confirm your server and add it to your chat client)

Remove (Remove a server from your chat client)


Cancel (Cancel a server)

Import button

You can import existing server files which were earlier exported from a chat client to an .xml file.

Export button

You can export your server installation to an .xml file which later you can import into other chat clients.

Name text box

Enter a valid name for your server installation.

Url text box

ENter the URL of an existing server installation.

Add button

Add the new server to your chat client.

Remove button

Remove a server from the chat client.

Note: This is permanent and you will not be able to recover this server after deletion.

OK button

Click OK if you are all happy.

Cancel button

Cancel if you are unhappy with what you have done.