When Disconnected from the Chat Server you wil see the below window prompting you to pick a server to connect to with valid ogin credenials.

Note, that you can connect with the same chat client to numerous chat servers.

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The Connection menu item can be found under the Session tab in the top menu bar. You can connect to numerous chat hosting servers at any given time if you have valid credentials)



Edit server list

The only time you will ever need to use the Edit Server menu item is when you want to add a new chat hosting server to your existing installation.

Further info here:

Account text box

Enter the Account name in the highlighted area of the below screenshot.

Note: The account name is usually your main domain name, alternatively contact your system admin or service provider to obtain it.

Operator text box

Enter the Operator name in the Operator field.

Password text box

Enter the password for the chat operator:

Save password check box

If you want the account name, the operator name and the password to be saved for next time you start the software, check this checkbox and upon launching the software you will be logged in automatically.

Connect button

After filling in all the fields, Click the Connect button to connect to the selected server.