When connected to a chat server on a valid account, you will see the real time traffic to your website and have the ability to engage in a live chat session with your website visitors.

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Only by having a valid connection to a chat hosting server and an active account will you be able to engage in live chat sessions with your visitors. Your domain(s) will need to be added to your account and you will need to have a valid operator access as well. Should you be missing any of these minimum requirements, you wil need to contact your service provider or system administrator.



Server text box

Enter the Name and URL of your Server in the server text box, alternatively import an existing server file;

Note: Should you not have this ask your service provider or system admin for these details.

Account text box

Enter the Account name as provided by your service provider/system admin.

Note: this field is case sensitive.

Operator text box

Enter the Operator name as given by your service provider or system admin.

Disconnect button

Disconnect from the server by clicking the Disconnect button.