Operator settings dialog

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The Operator Settings menu item allows the chat operator to

- set his/her individual image which appears in the chatbox (when not configured in the Master Administration Window)

- set his/her Nickname which wil appear in the chatbox as the chatting operator's name

- set his/her Email address to be used for sending ToDo Task reminders



Picture box

Upload a picture in the picturebox which will be available to identify you as the operator in the operator chatroom grid.

Browse button

By pressing the browse button, you can use Windows Explorer to pick an image that you want others to see next to your name in the chatbox and the operator chatroom grid.

Clear button

Press the clear button if you want to change your selection and clear the current image and/or should you decide not to show any image.

Nick name box

Enter the name you wish to use as the nickname which will appear in the chatbox as well as in the operator chatroom grid.

E-mail box

Enter your email address where the email notifications and reminders are sent by the ToDo Task Manager.

OK button

Press OK to confirm you are happy with what you had done and save the settings.

Cancel button

Press Cancel if you changed your mind and wish not to make further changes to your work.