Popup editor

The Chatboxes menu item covers the popup editor

You can create up to 10 different chatboxes on a single account.

For instance, you might have 10 different colour websites on a single account and you wish to display 10 different colour chatboxes on these websites meanwhile your chat operator can chat on all these websites using a dingle chat software interface.

Use the Chatboxes editor to create these chatboxes, set their colours, size, position in the browser of the website visitor, assign them to the different domains etc....

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Use the chatbox editor to customize the look and feel of your chatbox(es).

You can personalize just about anything using the editor:

- The chatbox header

- The size of the chatbox

- The images in the chatbox

- The text in the chatbox in various chatbox modes: (WFV, WFO, LAM, SES)

- Pick the offers you wish to dispay under the chatbox

- Set the auto-open message(s)

- Set the chat icons and their positions to display on your website



The following eements make up the Popup editor;

Popup list

See a list of the existing chatboxes on your account.

Add button

Click Add to create a new chatbox.

Note: if you want to copy an existing chatbox and just modify a few things on it, simply select the chatbox you wish to copy and then press Add. (This will be a copy/paste of the highlighted chatbox)

Close button

Click Close if you want to close this session.

Remove button

Click Remove to delete the chatbox from your account . (you will have selected it first).