Popup configuration editor

Each chatbox on the account must have a configuration.

Use the configuration menu to;

- set the header of the chatbox

- set pictures in the chatbox

- write the text in the chatbox you wish to display

In this topic:




Create configurations for each of your chatboxes when you have a multilingual website or simply when you just want to make changes to the existing look and feel of the default chatbox configuration.

Every chatbox has to have its own configuration.



The folowing elements make up the Chatbox configurations menu;

Configurations list

Here you will see the list of existing configurations on the account.

Add button

By clicking the Add button, you can create a new configuration on the account.

For example when you want to have a different look and feel chatbox for one of your websites on the account.

Remove button

Click Remove to delete a configuration from the account.

Close button

Click Close to close the editor window.