Operator accounts

Here you can create new chat operators on your account and manage their privileges and login credentials - provided you have administrative privileges yourself -.

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Access the Operators menu from Administration in the top menu bar.

- Learn how many chat operators are allowed on your account

- Create new chat operators

- Manage existing chat operator privileges and access credentials.

NOTE: You must have Administrative privileges on the account in order to be able to do the aboves.



The following elements make up the Operators menu;

Allowed operators

Allowed operators: Here you see how many chat operators can have simultenuous access to your account.

Account list

In this list you can see the existing chat operators on the account.


Username column: This is one of the requirements when logging into the chat client software. (Usually the name of the chat agent)


Password column: Here is the password associated with the username earlier given.

Suspended check box

You can suspend an operator's access to the account by checking this box.

Administrator check box

Check this box if you wish to add Administrative privileges to the chat operator.

Add button

Click Add to save your work.

Remove button

Click Remove if you wish to delete the chat operator from the account.

Update button

Click Update to save changes you made to these details.

Cancel button

Click Cancel to remove the changes you made to the selected operator.