Offer set list editor

You can create an advertisement field under the chatbox and display your offers which will be rotating under the chatbox.

Each "offer" can have an image, title, description, footer and a hyperlink to the page where the particular offer is presented.

You will need to pick the offer that you want to display under the chatbox in the Chatboxes menu.

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  Offer set editor


The following elements make up the Offerset editor;

Offer set list

Here is where you see all the offer sets you currenty have prepared.

Add button

Click Add to create a new offer set.

Close button

Cick Close to cose the current window.

Remove button

Click Remove to delete the offer set you have selected.


Offer set editor

The offer set editor allows you to prepare the offers under your chatbox(es).

Access the Offer set editor from the tope menu bar: Administration/Offers/Edit offer.

Name text box

Enter the name of the offer in the name text box.

Offer list

Here you wil see the list of existing offers on your account.

Add button

Click Add to start creating a new offer.

Remove button

Click Remove to delete an existing offer on the account.

Title text box

Enter the Title you want to display for the offer.

Description text box

Enter a short description for your offer.

Footer text box

Enter a footer text for your offer.

Url text box

Enter a URL to your webpage where you want to send visitors upon clicking on the offer.

Picture box

Set a picture to display in the offers field.

Browser picture button

Pick the picture from your computer by clicking the Browse button.

Save button

Press Save to save your work.

Cancel button

Click Cancel to delete the offer you have been working on.