Forms editor

You can create custom forms in Promptchat and send them across to your website visitors through the chatbox via a link.

Such forms are usually, newsletter signup forms, customer surveys, etc....

Upon filling in the form, an email with the visitor's content is automatically sent to the email address which was configured in the Form Editor.

Note: Visitor sees the form as a link in the chatbox.

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Custom forms can be built using the Form Editor and sent across website visitors via a link in the chatbox.

Upon website visitor clicking on the link, a new browser window opens with the form in it - ready for the visitor to fill in.

After filing in the form, an automatic email is sent to the email address that was specified in the Form Editor.

The forms can include single and mutiple line text input, checkboxes, drop down menus, email and website addresses.

Each form can be translated in different languages and it is up to the chat operator to pick which one they will want to send to the visitor.

The forms are added to the bottom of the Canned Messages list. This is where the chat operator can choose which to send to the visitor he/she is talking to.



The following elements make up the Custom Form editor;

Form list

Here you will see the existing forms on the account. You can edit them to revise as and when required.

Add button

Start a new form by clicking the Add a form button.

Remove button

Remove a form by clicking the Remove button. The form will disappear from the canned messages also.

Name text box

Add a title for the form you are creating by entering it in the name box. (this is for your own internal use)

E-mail text box

Enter the email address where you want to receive the contents of the filled out forms.

Title text box

This title will be visible to the website visitor in a prominent area of the form.

Send label text box

Enter the name of the "send" button in the form. This will trigger the email sending at the end of filling in the form. You might want to use"sign up" or "subscribe me" etc....

Intro text box

The intro field is presented as a subtitle in the form. This is where you can explain what the form is for.

Sent text box

The sent text box is used for the confirmation which the web visitor sees upon filling in the form and pressing the send button.

Such as: Thank you for your time filling in this form.

Field list

Fields are the information which you request from your website visitors through fiing in the form.

These can be;

- single line text (for example; names)

- multiple line text (for example: comments, suggestions)

- email address

- checkbox(es)

- drop down menu with unlimited variables separated by comma

Add field button

You can add fields to the form by pressing the Add field button

Remove field button

You can remove fields from the form by clicking the "remove field" button.

Move field up button

You can Move field up by clicking this button.

Move field down button

You can "move field down" by pressing this button.

Field name text box

Here is where you can add additional fields to your forms. This field is only active after you pressed the "add field" button.

Required field check box

If you insist on getting a certain type of information from your website visitor who intents to fill in your form, you must click the "required" checkbox associated with the field here.

Field type drop down

Here is where you pick the type of the field in the form.

Fields can be:


Field error text box

Enter the error message which website visitors receive when they enter wrong information into the form. For instance they enter an invalid email address or an incorrect website URL.

Field options text box

Visitors can be requested to enter single line text or multipe line text into the form, Pick from the drop down manu what it is that you are looking for.

Save button

Click Save, when you are ready to confirm your work.

Cancel button

Cancel to remove the form you have been working on.