Departments editor

The 2 main functions of the Departments feature in Promptchat are:

- you can auto-email all chat transcripts to the relevant department's email address

- in your statistics, you can see how many different department related chat sessions happened given a predefined time period/domain.

Access the Departments feature by going to Administration/Departments.

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By setting up departments, you will allow the software to automatically send each chat transcript to the relevant department's email address.

Do this by going to Administration/Departments.



The following elements make up the chat departments editor.

Allowed operators

The department list shows you the readily avaiable departments on the account.

Account list

When adding a new department, use the name text box to enter the name of the new department you are creating.

E-mail text box

Enter the email address for the department where you will want to receive the chat transcripts as soon as a new chat was assigned to this department.

Add button

Click Add to save the setting.

Remove button

Click Remove to cancel the department you have selected.

Domain list

The domain list will show you for which domains the department will be avaiable for. (Usually all the domains on the account)

Domain e-mail text box

Enter the email address of the domain where you want the replica of the chat transcript be sent.

Update button

Press Update if you are happy with adding a new department.

Cancel button

Press Cancel to delete the selected department.