Custom params editor

You can gather further information about your website visitors if you use custom parameters in your online marketing/advertising campaigns.

For iexample if you use a newsletter sending software which include campaign parameters or email address parameters for each link sent to individual recipients you can retrieve these in the Chat client software in a column called "custom parameters" in the list of visitors grid.

Promptchat supports the detection of both URL Parameters as well as Javascript variables.

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You will want to use the Custom parameters feature when you want to integrate the live chat software with your Newsletter application or online advertising campaigns.

Promptchat can detect the URL parameters and/or Javascript variables in the links your website visitors use to get to your website and extract information from these parameters and show them in the list of visitors grid. This is useful when you have the email addresses of your recipients in the link you send to them as you will see this email address in the visitor list. Ie: you know who is browsing your website.

Here is an example image showing a custom parameter and the accompanying Email address;

If you want this feature in your live chat software, you have to use a newsletter system, which is integrated with Promptchat. Contact us for recommendations.



The following elements make up the Custom parameters editor.

Param list

This is where you see a list of your campaigns' existing custom parameters.

Add button

Begin creating a new Custom parameter by clicking the Add button.

Remove button

Click Remove if you no longer want to use an existing parameter in the list.

Id text box

The ID will be the name you can identify the custom parameter (internally in the software) in the List of Visitors Grid.

Url param name text box

Take the URL Parameter name from the link your newsletter system provides. In our example it is: utm_campaign ; See below picture.

Javascript var name text box

Use the Javascript variable in case your newsletter system use Javascript variables instead of URL parameters.

Save button

Press Save to save your work for future use.

Cancel button

Click Cancel to cancel your work.