Categories editor

You can create categories for your chat sessions.This will be helpful when you analyze your website performance.

Should you have 100s of support category chats you can make an informed decision about implementing an FAQ page or web based Helpdesk system.

Then again, if you have many sales related questions, you will be tempted to further improve your sales page(s).

You can force categorisation before a chat operator leaves a chat session. This way, you always get the correct data. Do this in the Administration/Settings menu.

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The chat categories editor allows you to create unlimited categories for your chat sessions. The most common categories are: sales, support, billing, shipping, returns, warranty categories.

Categorizing your chat sessions will help you analyze your website's performance. When creating statistics reports, you will get a clear idea on what type of questions your website visitors have.



The following elements make up the Chat categories editor:

Category list

This list will show you the existing categories you have on the account.

Name text box

Enter the name of the new category you are adding.

Chat centre chat price

If an external Chat Center is providing the live chat service on your website, here you will see the price for each chat session they conduct on your behalf.

Chat price text box

Depending on the service arrangement you have for using the live chat software, in this field will you see the price for each chat session you are charged with when you conduct a live chat session on your website.

Add button

Click the Add button when creating a new chat category.

Remove button

Click Remove when you wish to remove an existing category from the account.

Update button

Click Update, when you have made changes to a category and you wish to save the changes on this category.

Cancel button

Click Cancel if you have changed your mind.