Canned messages editor

Use the Canned Messaged Editor to prepare ready made answers to frequently asked questions. You can save time, minimize typing errors and speed up the service to your website visitors.

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You will find the Canned messages editor in the Administration menu.

You can prepare canned messages per domain on your account and even per languages. The system will automatically detect the domain your visitor is browsing and offer the canned messages to these visitors. There is an auto prediction feature built into the canned messages function so when a chat operator begins typing in the text box, the canned message(s) matching the content of the message is automaticaly offered.

Note: Only chat operators with Administrative privileges are able to create and add new canned responses to an account.

Note: If you wish to prepare and use the same canned messages on all domains and all languages attached to the account, simply do not pick a domain or language filter from the drop down menus. IN this case all canned responses can be used on all the domains of the account.



The following elements make up the Canned Messages Editor;

Domain filter

Pick the domain you wish to prepare a canned response for from the domain fiter drop down menu.

Language filter

Pick the language you wish to make a canned response available for from the language filter drop down menu.

Canned messages list

Here is the list of already existing canned responses on the account.

Add button

Click Add to create a new Canned Response.

Remove button

Click Remove to delete a canned response from the list.

Domain list

The domain list contain all the domains you have assigned to the account you are logged into.

Language list

The language list contains all the languages you can assign canned responses to.

Message text box

Enter the canned response in the Message text box exactly as you want to dispay it for your website visitors.

Save button

Click Save to save your work.

Cancel button

Click Cancel to delete the canned response you have been working on.