Campaign list editor

You can use Promptchat in online advertising campaigns such as Google Ads, Email campaigns, banner ad campaigns etc....

The purpose of this feature is that whoever clicks your online advertisement, can receive a special chatbox that is avaiabe only to them upon clicking the advert and arriving to your website.

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  Campaign editor

Campaign Overview

If you want to create a special chatbox which is only available to your online advertisement clickers; please do the followings:


1st) You need to create the Chatbox and the Chatbox Configuration which you want to use with the campaign (usually auto-open)

2nd) Create a campaign code and record the campaign code and the landing page URL it gives you (in a separate text file for latter use)

3rd) Go back to the Chatboxes menupoint and enter the campaign's name in the campaign field

All clickers of the Adwords etc... will get this chatbox.

Why do you want to do this?

Because your conversion rate will significantly increase since you keep the attention spam of your visitor/advert clicker. It is proven and guaranteed to save you money on online advertising. Contact us for assistance on setting this up.



The following elements make up the campaign editor:

Campaign list

Here is where you will see a list of your existing campaigns.

Add button

Click Add to create a new campaign.

Close button

Click Close to close the campaign editor.

Remove button

Click Remove if your campaign had finished and you no longer need to use the campaign.


Campaign editor

Here is where you create the campaign codes which you will later add as the landing page in your online advertising campaigns.

Name text bpx

Enter the name of the campaign you are planning to run.

Code text box

The code is automatically generated by the software and you do not need to touch it.

Url text box

ENter the URL of the landing page you want to use for your online advertising campaign.

Direct link text box

The direct link is automatically created by the software as you enter the landing page URL.

Copy this complete code and save for letter use.

For instance, this is what you will need to enter as a landiing page in your Google Adwords campaign or Email newsletter campaign, Banner ad campaign etc....

Indirect link text box

The indirect link will not be used, therefore no need to use it.

OK button

Click OK to save your work.

Cancel button

Click Cancel to remove the campaign if you no longer make use of it.