Connect Chat with PPC ads

Live chat in PPC adverts

Why is this a good solution?

- No need to install scripts anywhere in your webpages.

- You only use the chat facility for online advertisement campaigns

- The effectiveness of the chatbox is 100% measureable

- The chatbox is in a perfect dominant location – will be used a lot more often.

Can be pay as you go – You pay nothing if it doesn’t bring you new leads!!! – In other words, you only pay per lead.

Imagine that you click on a “PPC advert” somewhere on google’s search page. (in fact it can be any sort of advertisement as long as it has a link to your website):

After the click, you will be taken to a special page with live chat already implemented in a dominant area – Noone is going to miss it and then again statistically loads more people will use it.

Example here:

More chats means more sales leads = more sales leads means more business!

The associated cost is next to nothing except for the cost of your sales employee picking up these prequalified sales leads.

Finally a way you can justify your PPC budget!!!

You are going to have 100s of more sales leads just by setting your adverts up in such a live chat banner setup.

Talk with us to arrange such campaigns in “chat as you go” model. We take care of the setup, give you the live chatbox for free and you only pay for the chats you get! Through our chat center we can even take care of the chatting for you. Contact us to set up a free trial account.

Note, this can be set up for any other type of PPC or Banner ad or Email campaign.