Automatically opening chatbox


A combination of science and intuition is involved here.

The pop up or embedded chat box can be set to appear (as if from nowhere) after a pre-set time, on a preset page.

So it combines both passive and proactive in a happy medium because it is not entirely in your face (nor is it weak thus giving the impression to the site visitor that you don’t care either).

Great advantage of this is that you do not have to manually watch the site visitor go around the site. Can be used when staff are deeply involved in other tasks.

A good example of using this would be to preset it on your order page and if a person is stuck there it could for instance imply a problem with one of the “fields” being filled in incorrectly or credit card problems.

With our live chatbox, you have the option to set up a different chatbox for each of your webpages, to pup up at different time intervals with a different greeting text and picture.

When you analyze your Gogle Analytics you will understand when your visitors leave certain pages of your website. Ideally, you should configure your chatboxes to pop up just before your web visitors would leave.

When you use your live chatbox in Embedded mode, you can do all this without having a chatbox opening up in front of your web visitor.