Deploy the Promptchat live chat software on your website(s) by adding the installation javascript on all the webpages where you want to have the chat facility available. Even if you do not want to offer chat support on all pages, it makes sense to install the script everywhere because of the real-time website traffic monitoring feature.

Place the script in your website just before the closing body tag. (The chances are good that this is the same location where you will have put your Google Analytics or any other website statistics software's script.)

After installing the script in the webpages, you will be able to see the default chat request icon on your website and begin chatting with your website visitors.


In the majority of the cases, websites have a footer file which is available on all the pages of the website meaning that you will onlyhave to install the script in the footer file --- remember; just before the closing body tag.

Promptchat works with 3 types of installation scripts. In 99% of the cases a single script is enough for operation, but some installation methods require adding additional scripts in the webpage(s). Depending on how you want to use the live chatbox on your website will decide how you want to implement the chatbox.