The Chat Center is an add-on system dedicated for call centers. Seamlessly integrated with the Promptchat live chat software the Chat Center allow various operational modes as outlied below.

Pay per chat - The call center can charge per chat session, furthermore by the type of chat session. (sales, support, premium etc…).

Pay as You Go chat - Call Centers can offer the service using the Pay As You Go Model. The chat service remains active for as long as credit is available on the client account.

Monthly chat budget - The call center may offer monthly budget limiting functionality (for instance the end user may set a monthly limit of 300$ for chat conversations and once the limit is reached the chat functionality disappears from the site).

Private Chat / Call Center chat - The system allows both the website owner and the chat center operator to take as well as initiate live chat conversations on the website. Website owner has the option to ban the Call Center Operator for when he wants to do his own chatting during working hours. - See more at: http://promptchat.com/chatcenter

In addition, the Chat Center allows users to chat on multiple accounts whereas the Promptchat live chat software allows chatting only on a single account. (Note: a single account may have more than one domain added to it)


The Chat Center is sold separately and it is not included in the Promptchat live chat software system. To enquire about the Chat Center please contact us.